Christmas Storage, Boxes and Accessories

Preserve the beauty of your artificial Christmas trees, greenery, and holiday décor with our range of Christmas Storage and Accessories solutions.

Protect your artificial trees from dirt and damage during the off-season with Christmas Trees and Decorations’ heavy-duty Christmas tree storage bags. We also have storage options for your wreaths and garlands, ornaments, and lights.

Why Should I Use a Christmas Tree Storage Bag?

When it’s time to put away your Christmas tree, using its original packaging may seem like a good idea. However, these boxes deteriorate over time and may not offer the protection your artificial tree needs. Cardboard is also prone to dust, mites, pests, and other elements. Without proper safekeeping, an artificial Christmas tree storage box is likely to grow mold and cause irreversible damage. Size is another downside of a cardboard Christmas tree storage box. The bulky package takes up a lot of space and requires heavy lifting from room to room.

Invest in professionally designed storage solutions to prevent these issues. We create our tree storage duffel bags with quality and convenience in mind, ensuring that your tree stays in good shape every season.

What is the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag?

Our Artificial Christmas Storage and Accessories are available in different sizes. Consider these factors when looking for the best storage bag for your faux tree:

  • Size – Choose a storage bag that fits your artificial tree’s height and width. It must be snug enough to protect your tree while leaving ample space to safeguard its shape and integrity. Our storage bags come in three sizes: Slim, Standard, and Extra-Large.
  • Materials – Plastic, canvas, PVC, or polyester fabric are common materials used in tree storage bags. While those made of plastic are the more affordable option, they don’t provide the strength of polyester fabric. Balsam Hill’s tree storage bags are made with 600D polyester fabric, with layers of padding and durable stitching to withstand wear and tear.
  • Ease of use – Storing your tree upright simplifies assembly for the next season. With Balsam Hill’s Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag, you simply remove all decorations from your tree, detach and place the top tree section in a special compartment, and pull up the collapsible bag up over the tree.

How Do You Pack a Christmas Tree in a Storage Bag?

Follow the step-by-step instructions below when storing your artificial tree for the off-season:

  1. Prepare your tools– This includes your storage bag and lightweight gloves to protect your hands while handling the tree.
  2. Remove all decorations from your tree and unplug lights strings – Consider using Our ornament storage chest to keep your favorite trimmings safe. For light strings, our Christmas tree light storage box has six built-in spools to avoid tangled wires.
  3. Compress the branches – Press down the branches of your tree before detaching them from the main trunk. Secure them with a ribbon or cord for easier handling.
  4. Store the sections – Position the tree sections in the bags like a pair of shoes, with a pole in the center. Then, seal the bag to keep out dirt and pests.
  5. Store your tree in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight – This will prevent the tree from developing mold and musty odor while in storage.

Maintain your artificial evergreen’s quality year after year with a durable Christmas tree storage bag. Browse our complete collection of storage options for faux foliage, décor, and lights on our website.

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